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Music Make’anics workshops are available to individuals of all ages and skill levels.
Through our band workshops we collaborate, created and perform awesome new music.
We deliver a variety of content including Composition, Songwriting, Arranging, Rehearsal, Performance and Recording.
Our aim is to deliver music education in a fun and practical way.
We do this by getting straight to the creating process with a sonic-lead hands-on style of learning.
Approaching music in this organic way results in an effortless and intuitive form of learning that's often highly creative.

Our workshops are facilitated by seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience and academic accreditation in their fields.

How can Music Make’anics help you?

Music Make'anics can offer:

Improved skills and confidence
Mentoring and knowledge
Opportunity to participate in a band and perform
Ability to meet other Musicians
Sense of achievement through collaborative effort
Social engagement whilst learning
Greater understanding of the inner workings of a band
Opportunity to create, perform and record
Increased well being through social interaction, physical participation and cognitive development

Its well known that working in a band environment has a tendency to elevate the skill level and confidence of players at an exponential rate. Working collectively further develops key life skills that will serve anyone well who wishes to pursue a career in the music industry.

Music Make’anics can provide:
Activities & Workshops Classes & Lessons Equipment & Resources Events Jobs Mentoring & Advice Networking Volunteering Work Experience

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